Let’s face it, a clean home isn’t just about aesthetics. 

The Humidity levels in Dubai can reach up to 99%. The heat combined with high humidity levels means your home becomes a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and dust mites. 

The 6 to 8 times occurrence of sandstorms every year further complicates matters by blanketing everything in a fine layer of dust. 

Ecofix understands the trouble that every household faces in Dubai, which is why we’ve developed a multi-pronged approach to help you keep your home hygienic and fresh. Read along to find out.

Effective Cleaning Strategies for Dubai Homes

Our team at Ecofix has now professionally cleaned multiple homes in Dubai and we’ve combined all that knowledge into this blog. The following are some of the best ways to clean different rooms in your home:

Living Room

Your living room is the go-to place for dust to settle, so if you’re still using feather dusters, it’s time to ditch them, since they just temporarily push all the dust around.

Invest in some high-quality microfibers; they’re the best in trapping even the finest dust particles, and as a bonus, they’re easy to clean too. You can use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to trap dust particles from furniture, home appliances and even those forgotten ceiling fans. A pro tip to clean smudges is to use fast round motions with the cloth lightly touching the surface. 

For cleaning sofas and cushions in the living room, a vacuum cleaner is your best friend. Vacuuming them at least once every week keeps away dust and dust mites. And if possible keep the cushions in the noon sunlight for some time before vacuuming them. This helps to keep them dry. 

Finally, consider an air purifier with a True HEPA filter to prevent dust from settling on surfaces in the future. 


The kitchen is where the magic happens – and sometimes, a little food splatter too. 

Disinfecting those food prep areas, countertops, and appliance handles is key to keeping the germs at bay. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions or disinfectant wipes work like a charm.

Don’t forget your trusty appliances!  Regular cleaning of your oven, stovetop, fridge, and microwave keeps grease, grime, and lurking food particles at bay.  Most appliance manufacturers have specific cleaning instructions on their websites, so check those out for detailed guidance.

And finally, ventilation is key! Cooking creates moisture and not-so-pleasant odours. Turn on those extractor fans while you whip up a culinary masterpiece, and make sure to keep the vents clear for optimal airflow.


Dust mites love to call mattresses home, so invest in a good quality mattress protector and become a regular with the vacuum cleaner (especially on the sides and seams) using the upholstery attachment. 

For a truly deep clean, consider the help of a professional mattress cleaning service every six months – it’s part of our deep cleaning package at Ecofix!

Fresh linens are a must. Wash your bedsheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers frequently, especially during the sandstorm season. Hot water washes (check care labels first!) help kill dust mites and allergens, leaving you with a fresh and breathable sleep haven.

Speaking of air, proper circulation is crucial. Open windows when possible, and consider using ceiling fans to keep the air moving and prevent musty odours.


Bathrooms and moisture go hand-in-hand, which unfortunately creates the perfect environment for mold growth. 

Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces like faucets, toilets, and shower handles is a must to prevent the spread of bacteria. We recommend keeping a spray bottle filled with a diluted disinfectant solution handy for quick touch-ups throughout the week.

Finally, ventilation is your best friend here too! Open windows after showering, use extractor fans religiously and keep those shower curtains pulled back to allow surfaces to dry completely.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning: Partnering with the Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai

While regular cleaning is essential, deep cleaning services become even more important during sandstorm seasons or after periods of high dust accumulation. Ecofix offers a comprehensive range of deep cleaning solutions, including carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and window cleaning, to refresh your home and eliminate hidden dust and allergens.

Ecofix’s Secret Weapons: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We believe in creating a healthy home environment, not just a clean one. That’s why Ecofix is committed to using safe and sustainable cleaning solutions. Our eco-friendly products are just as effective as traditional cleaners but are gentler for your family’s health and the environment.

How to make your home smell good

A clean home is a fresh home, but there’s more to achieving lasting freshness than just cleaning. Here are some additional tips:

Controlling Humidity: Excess humidity can dial up the mould growth and make the air feel heavy. Consider using dehumidifiers, especially in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Simple measures like leaving bathroom doors open after showers and ensuring proper ventilation can also help.

Natural Fragrances: Ditch the harsh air fresheners. Opt for natural alternatives like diffusing essential oils or strategically placing potted plants known for their air-purifying properties.


By combining regular cleaning with deep home cleaning services, utilizing eco-friendly products, and implementing air purification and humidity control measures, you can create a healthy and refreshing haven for yourself and your family.

Contact Ecofix today for a free consultation and let our expert cleaning teams help you keep your house clean. Breathe easy, live healthy, and enjoy the comfort of a truly fresh home.